Glendale’s 100th Rose Parade Float Not Receiving Donations

City of GlendaleThis upcoming Rose Parade is going to be a special one for Glendale. It is the 100th Glendale Rose Parade float. While a century of participating in the Tournament of Roses Parade may seem like a big deal, the community may not think so.

The Glendale community has been slow to donate to the float project. In fact, only one donor has come forward and footed the bill of $10,000. That is a good chunk of money, but not when compared next to the $150,000 project goal.

A Special 100th Year Float

Since this is the 100th year float, the city wants to make it as special as ever. The plans to win an award for the float on the 100th year would be great for the community. Also, the float would stand as what Community Services & Parks Director, Jess Duran, calls a “historic monument.”

The city was hoping that donations from the community and local sponsors would save this year’s float, just like it did for the 2012 float.  However, so far, no one is biting, even after the 2013 float won an award.

This year’s float design is said to incorporate some new ideas, such as pyrotechnics or water. The city has also consulted with an artist who wants the float to feature the community of Glendale better, but they don’t have many ideas. Perhaps a bear in one’s backyard or a scene from the Melrose street fair?

A Fundraising Raffle

The city also started a raffle for a chance for a resident to sit on the float. Each raffle ticket only costs $25, and individuals will have their name be put in a drawing. So far, no one has entered the drawing.

While this news may sound bad for the Glendale float, the city officials say that there is money that can be used if the donations do not come through. However, they warn that sponsors who want to be a part of the float have three weeks to sign up or they will not have any say on the design process.

For more information about donations, call (818) 548-2752 or email


Story Credit, Image Credit: City of Glendale by prayitno. Used under Creative Commons license.